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February 14, 2022

Dumb Question: Do you want to make more money?

A recent poll among our staff suggests that everybody wants more money. Except the intern, but we Old Yellered him behind the &BARN so that’s not a problem anymore.

Of course you want more money, and by golly you want it fast. You’d make a terrible mobster with that potty mouth.

Let’s cut to the chase. We figured it out. With four basic steps you can explode your email revenue in 90 days. (91 on a leap year)

Think of it in terms of email’s slice of the pie (See how this brand went from 7% to 43% email revenue in 90 days) but consider that growing the slice means growing the pie.

When we’re presented with an active list in need of optimization, we’re seeing explosive growth (see how another brand increased email revenue by 154% in 90 days).

When we’re presented with one that’s been neglected, the growth is absolutely bonkers.

It starts with looking in the mirror.

Are you leaving money on the table? If you haven’t set up essential flows, the answer is probably yes. Think of flows like a money grenade - once you launch them, the money rains down.

These flows are the foundation for communicating with customers and leads online, and you won’t get far without a solid foundation as your base.

1. Opt-In

Let’s look at opt-in opportunities from the nightmare perspective.

Imagine a mass of people who want to buy what you sell. They want to know about your products, they want to know about promotions, they want to know about news, they want to be excited, etc.

Imagine this mass of people, ready to listen and, far more importantly, ready to give you their hard earned money. They’re not dumb, they’ve been around the block, and they know that getting this information from you is as easy as asking to be on your mailing list.

And you don’t have an opt-in available.

I can hear those fireworks fizzling out.

Our friends at Surely came to us with a single SKU, a list in need of love, and no easy way to opt in. It was the first thing we did with them. We put together a simple, effective opt–in pop-up and paired it with a basic incentive to grease the wheels. By their third month with us, Surely’s opt-in rates were above 10% for both mobile and desktop - a solid 4-5x the standard for opt-in success.

Your customers want to hear from you, and if you don’t give them the option they’ll gladly listen to somebody else. Once you’ve overcome this obstacle, you can start creating value with your emails.

2. Flows on Flows on Flows

When you offer somebody an incentive for joining your mailing list, you need to send them that incentive. Sure, you could hire somebody to sit and wait for folks to sign up so you can send that email, or you can set up a flow.

Flows are emails that are triggered by something your customer does (or does not do) and because the email is based on their choice, we always start with a juicy nugget of information about the audience.

You should have a bunch of flows with a bunch of triggers, but here are the 5 we prioritize in the first 90 days, in order of value:

  1. Welcome Flow
  2. Abandoned Cart Flow
  3. Browse Abandon Flow
  4. Post Purchase Flow
  5. Winback Flow

Welcome Flow

Number one with a bullet is the welcome flow. Consider it your pick-up line(s). When someone signs up to join your list, it means they’re interested!

Since this is the first time your subscribers will hear from you, it’s a huge opportunity to convert them into paying customers and establish your brand voice. This is the part where they’re most interested, so it’s critical to maximize value while the fuse is lit (and before their attention fizzles out).

Abandoned Cart Flow

When your customer abandons their cart, they often just need a little nudge - often in the form of a small discount - to remind them why they filled a cart in the first place. Little nudges add big revenue.

Browse Abandon Flow

When someone visits your website, joins your mailing list, looks through your available products and services, and still doesn’t place an order despite their obvious interest, there’s an opportunity to re-establish a connection.

You know they’re interested enough to have signed up for your mailing list and to have browsed the website, so this is your chance to incentivize a purchase.

Post-Purchase Flow

If your Welcome Flow is the pick-up line, then your Post-Purchase Flow is your first kiss.

They’re interested, they’re willing to take a risk with you, and this is your chance to say “let’s do that again sometime.” You’re asking for a second date with add-on products or refills, and you definitely must ask for a review and it’s polite to say thank you for kissing me.

Winback Flow

Have you ever found a shirt you love buried in your closet after months without even thinking about it? Sometimes we forget about something that really matters to us, just because.

When you’ve got leads or customers who haven’t engaged with you in a long time, it’s a good idea to trigger a couple emails to remind them that you exist and why they should care. Include some of the features and benefits of your brand, and consider an offer to help bring them back into the fold.

3. Testing, Testing, Testing

Creating your flows is only the beginning. Can you do anything to improve what you’ve made?

Yes. Obviously yes.

You can always improve your flows to generate additional value, and you’ll know what works through A/B testing. You might change things like subject lines, CTAs, or design elements. When you’re testing, it’s important to change one thing at a time so you know exactly what’s being measured.

4. Optimize

Use. Those. Results.

Then test more, then repeat.

Then What?

From my side of the computer, it’s hard for me to give you something you can measure your success against. That’s partly because doing it yourself and having the experts at &BAM do it for you are two very different things. Kinda like driving a Cozy Coupe when you could be driving a Ferrari. If you’re looking for power, which one would you choose?

What I can say is we’ve packaged this 90-day growth explosion into our &WHAM Program because our clients are seeing remarkable numbers. Who wouldn’t like to smash their digital marketing goals with a sustained 300% increase in email revenue?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, why not book a call?

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