FOMO Frenzy - Unleashing over $86k in email revenue with a product launch

Retrokid sells retro and niche apparel that speaks to the child in all of us. With a growing collection of authentic collaborations, their unique designs have built a cult following of loyal fans. 

With hardly any email campaigns sent and lots of new products in the works, Retrokid needed a way to speak directly to their target audience and generate excitement about upcoming collection releases. 

They tasked us with laying the foundation for lots of successful product launches in the future, so we created a process that they could repeat again and again.




Revenue in 7 days

Click Rate

Opt-in Rate

The Power of Exclusivity

We knew we had to find the right brand voice to excite Retrokid’s fans and hype them up for each new product.

Once we had their attention, we kept them engaged with nostalgic content that provoked memories of childhood and reminded them what it felt like to be a kid.

We then generated an element of exclusivity and scarcity by making each product launch a full event.

A pop up on the website encouraged shoppers to sign up for exclusive access. After signing up, customers received a link to a secret store where only those “in the know” could access the newest designs once they launched.

The pop up generated a form submit rate of 10.3% and our client had a list of ravenous customers waiting – with their wallets at the ready.

Feeding the FOMO

Once customers had indicated their interest in the newest product drop, we had to keep them engaged and excited until the big event.

After signing up, customers received a text-only email from a flow that included a link to the secret store. The email was sent personally from one of the founders of Retrokid to lend an air of authority.

The email also served to remind customers that their secret store access was exclusive, that that collection would only be available for four days, and that the designs wouldn’t be reprinted or offered again. Talk about FOMO!

And it worked. The flow brought in $23,900, with an open rate of 82% and a show-stopping click rate of 37%.

Replicate the Results

Prior to the launch, customers needed few reminders. After all, 24% of Retrokid’s entire email list subscribed to the first event!

At the time of launch, we sent out a campaign to event subscribers letting them know the secret store was open. These customers had been waiting and were filled with FOMO - no one wanted to miss this event.

And the numbers don’t lie - The first product launch campaign we sent generated $35k in revenue (nearly as much as the entire store made in one month before they started working with us). The next launch brought in $25k, and the third launch campaign made $50k.

When we look at the latest launch as a whole, the event brought in $86,860 in email revenue in just 7 days. There’s some bang for your buck.

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