When Revenue Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Arrae is a successful women’s supplement company with two flagship products. When they first came to us, their revenue from email flows made up just 2% of their total revenue with an average revenue per recipient of $0.35.

With clear room for growth and an eye on increasing repeat orders, Arrae trusted our team to build out their essential flows, expand their marketing media, and improve subscription retention.

So we did.




Increase in flow revenue in 90 days

Lift in revenue per recipient in 90 days

More orders when combining email & SMS

Building a solid foundation

Good email strategy starts with a solid foundation of flows, or automated email sequences that are triggered by customer actions.

To help Arrae make the most of their email marketing, we first set up essential, high converting flows. It’s vital to give attention to customers who show interest, so we started with the Welcome Flow, Abandoned Cart, and Browse Abandon to help create orders. Next we looked at multiplying those orders with an Estimated Date of Next Order Flow, Post-Purchase Flow, Abandoned Cart for Returning Customers, and Post-Purchase for second time customers.

After 90 days with these flows in place, we increased flow revenue by 796%, increased the repeat purchase rate by 66%, and increased the revenue per recipient by 23%.

SMS - Start Multiplying Sales

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that SMS marketing is a BFD. If you have been living under a rock, let me be the first to tell you that SMS marketing is a big fucking deal. When it’s paired with email, it’s even bigger. A really BFD.

Using Klaviyo SMS, we set up SMS flows that work in tandem with email flows to deliver maximum value and drive revenue. Strategically blending email and SMS empowered us to send the right messages, at the right time, through the right medium, to the right audience. Every. Single. Time.

As fate would have it, SMS subscribers are super valuable. In fact, we found that for Arrae, customers subscribed to SMS on top of email offer a 38% higher Customer Lifetime Value. Additionally, they also place more orders. Arrae’s email-only subscribers average 2.58 orders per subscriber, but SMS subscribers average 46% more with 3.77 orders per subscriber.


When we started working together, Arrae shared that increasing repeat purchases was an important goal. Subscription sales were rolling, but without key flows like the Subscription Stick Flow, cancellations were higher than ideal.

Simply adding a Subscription Stick Flow reminds subscribers why they initially subscribed and serves to create a sense of FOMO around canceling their subscription. Each email in the Subscription Stick Flow employs a discount applicable to the next order, with increasing discounts based on the subscription time. As with much of effective email marketing, customers often just need a nudge or a reminder. The results speak for themselves.

Adding a Subscription Stick Flow reduced Arrae’s subscription cancellations by 21% in the first 90 days!

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