How to Grow Email Revenue by 1766% in 90 Days

Surely is a de-alcoholized wine brand with a remarkable selection of real wine products. Originally a single-sku company, Surely knew that scaling quickly meant they needed to launch new skus rapidly and sell them to existing, satisfied customers. They reached out to us to help ensure their customers are looked after from the beginning - the foundation for growth and retention. We began with opt-ins and their welcome flow.




Mobile Opt-In Rate

Increase in Email Revenue from $3K to $56K in 90 days

Increase in Store Revenue from $42K to $258.5K in 90 days

Opening The Doors

We initially focused on guiding customers to opt-in to Surely’s email list with a discount for a purchase of multiple bottles of wine. While the standard for success is anywhere from 1-3%, Surely’s mobile opt-in rate of 10.3% was a clear indicator that customers are excited to hear what the brand has to say. 

Divide & Conquer

We helped Surely optimize their welcome flow by using their first two emails to generate both short and long term value. The first email includes the opt-in discount to immediately convert new subscribers, as a good welcome flow should.

The first email also surveys the audience to immediately begin segmenting the list for better targeting in the future. The second email reinforces brand value by highlighting Surely’s unique benefits while also presenting an SMS opt-in to open additional avenues for communication. Surely’s monthly email revenue increased from $3k to $56k after only 90 days with us.

Countdown to Launch…

With customers listening and engaged, Surely’s Rosé launch was the perfect yardstick to measure our success. Before working with us, Surely’s average monthly email revenue was $3k.  By creating excitement pre-launch and scarcity post-launch, Surely saw over 300 orders and over $24k in revenue within the first couple days of launch. That’s 8X their monthly email average with a single launch. Each email recipient spent an average of $0.65 which represents an 86% month-over-month increase in revenue per recipient for campaigns.

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