Growing Your Flows - Increasing welcome flow revenue by 729% in 90 days


Temper’s goal is to help anyone improve their metabolic heath and wellbeing through digital and physical therapeutics.

 With a first of its kind novel product formulation and only one SKU, educating prospective customers was a primary focus. 

Temper came to us with existing foundational flows and a smart target for success - an increase in email revenue from 11% 30%




Increase in average welcome flow revenue in the first 90 days

Increase in average flow open rates in the first 90 days

Increase in revenue per recipient

Flow-ers and Growers

Temper needed flows to represent a bigger slice of their pie, so we started by reimagining their welcome flow. We also gave their opt-in a makeover and created separate versions for mobile and desktop to optimize performance across platforms.

Guided by the need to educate customers, we built the welcome flow to do just that, with five emails each highlighting different features, benefits, and the science behind their products and programs. To reinforce the education, every email includes social proof or testimonials.

Before our revamp, Temper’s welcome flow averaged monthly revenue of $2,810, and in just 90 days we saw a 729% increase to $23,303, consistently.

We can understand such a dramatic improvement by looking a little further into the stats. For example, with our help, 86% more people opened the first email in the flow, 220% more people clicked through to their website, and 330% more people made a purchase.

The Fast and The Curious

When a revolutionary product or service is introduced to the public, the greatest (and most expensive) challenge is educating the consumer.

Temper’s target audience needed to better understand the problem at hand, that Temper can help, and how Temper can help.

We started by framing the pain point of intermittent fasting as unachievable consistency.

We then helped the consumer solve that problem by motivating and empowering them to achieve their goals - with Temper on their team.

The supporting education enabled customers to make informed decisions about their health. As a result, Temper’s revenue per recipient skyrocketed by 172% from $0.71 to $1.93 per recipient in our first 90 days.

Open email → Open wallet

This is all an exercise in futility if your customers aren’t opening the emails you send them. Temper’s existing flows needed some help in this area.

When dealing with a product that doesn’t have real apples-to-apples competition, it can be difficult to predict what will and will not resonate with the audience, so we leaned heavily on our old friend: the A/B test.

By measuring the success rates for various approaches and then applying them, we saw the average open rate across all flows jump from 34.54% to 51.37% in the first 90 days.

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