Go from 7% to 43% in only 3 months

GoPure Beauty is a highly successful brand focused on all-natural skincare. Their customers adore the high quality and fair prices of their product line. Although they have a winning brand, the small team didn’t have the bandwidth to give their email marketing strategy the attention it deserved.When they reached out to us they used Mailchimp as their ESP. That means they weren’t getting all the data they needed to speak to customers at every stage of their value journey. We transitioned them to Klaviyo, updated their flows, and improved their campaign strategy. The result: email revenue grew from 7% to 45% over the first three months of working with us.




Aug/19 Email Revenue

Sep/19 Email Revenue

Oct/19 Email Revenue

The Big Move:

Transitioning GoPure Beauty from Mailchimp to Klaviyo was an important first step. Klaviyo provides detailed, real-time data directly related to Shopify. That’s in addition to in-depth segmentation options based on purchase history, email interaction, and many more behaviors related to activity in an online store. This information is crucial for setting up flows that correlate to every part of the customer value journey. Before the transition, GoPure only had four active flows. We now have sixteen active and ready for all the different stages of customer relationships.

In October, those flows made up 24% of GoPure’s total revenue.But flows are only half the battle.


Without all the necessary data, it can be hard to tell how to adjust the voice of your emails. GoPure had previously sent one email campaign a week linking to a blog post, and it would be sent to their entire list of subscribers. Unfortunately, even though the email contained good content, it was receiving poor open rates. Through strategic segmentation and a new monthly schedule, we increased overall engagement and deliverability. That’s because we can speak differently to customers vs non-customers, and make sure the email ONLY reaches the appropriate segments. We still send the weekly blog post email -  it has incredible engagement - but now it is part of a well-rounded strategy that brings in more revenue as we build their brand loyalty.

In October, campaigns made up 20% of GoPure’s total revenue. Once we had their campaigns and flows running smoothly, we started tweaking and experimenting.

Generating The Best Results: The natural progression demanded that we then refine the flows already in place. We started with their Post Purchase flow. Immediately after a customer's first purchase, their excitement can be leveraged into an upsell.Not only did we add one, but we are also A/B testing different products. There are two perks to this:

  1. Sales generate more revenue.
  2. It provides useful data when determining which products to use during sales events throughout the year.

Knowing what to say and when - is a good way to summarize our work with GoPure. Through the transition to Klaviyo, meticulous segment management, and refined testing, we are effectively building brand loyalty by staying in touch with the customer throughout their journey. Higher loyalty means increased Customer Lifetime Value and most importantly: a healthy business.

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