Increasing a lifestyle brand's email revenue by 154% in 90 days

Karma and Luck came to us as an amazing retail lifestyle and accessory brand. At the time, they were building up the digital side of the business with a new VP of ECommerce. When we were first introduced, their ecom revenue was just $64k, with only 13% from email.The majority of the flow revenue was coming from their abandoned cart, and welcome flows. That left the rest of their customer lifecycle up for interpretation. They didn’t have a comprehensive email strategy beyond sending discounts. Additionally, they didn’t have the resources or capacity on the team to create a robust email program.We knew the key to their success would be:

  1. to leverage their strong brand and intention-focused collections
  2. to intentionally guide their contacts through the buying lifecycle




Email revenue increase within 90 days

Increase in AOV ($54-$85)

Popular Collections Leveraged

Campaign strategy: Leveraging a Strong BrandWe created a full campaign strategy that didn't revolve around discounting. The client had a lot of amazing content and creatives but didn't know how to translate those to email. We implemented a strategic campaign schedule featuring content, sales, and intelligent segmentation. Almost immediately, their campaign revenue increased from 3% to 12% of total revenue.

Flow strategy: Nurture Customers for Greater LTVWe didn't want to leave the customer journey to chance. We added flows to span the entire customer lifespan. Our top priority was to re-engage existing customers and create more repeat customers. The right timing and product recommendations increased flow revenue from 9% to 21%.

Collection-Tailored AutomationsWith the entire customer lifecycle covered, we were ready to take it to the next level. The client had three popular collections that we could leverage for even more growth.With the right content and creative, we created unique experiences for those customers. Customers responded to the relevant messaging with higher purchase rates for those flows.

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