Dramatically Increase Revenue with Flows in Only 90 Days

High-end Leisure Wear

Our client, a high-end clothing designer and manufacturer, came to us in need of an email marketing strategy.

Prior to COVID, their business was primarily retail-focused, but they needed a new way to reach their customers online when shopping in person became difficult.

When we started, they only had one flow in operation, which meant they relied heavily on sending campaigns for email revenue. Focusing on flows would take the pressure off campaigns and also make their revenue more predictable. 

We set up essential flows to capture and convert subscribers, and the results were incredible - flow revenue increased by 2,415% (not a typo!) in only 90 days.




Increase in flow revenue in the first 90 days

Revenue per recipient in the welcome flow

Click rate on product-specific emails

Step 1: Capture and convert

The client did a great job directing traffic to the online store so the next step was to capture and convert those visitors! 

We optimized the opt-in pop up and also set up a welcome flow to welcome subscribers, engage them with the brand, and convert them into customers.

The first email offers a small discount of 10%, but more importantly, we used real customer reviews to highlight some of the top benefits of the brand. Next we showcased some best sellers, and followed that by addressing some common pain points for online consumers - since this brand offers free shipping and free returns, there’s no reason not to buy!

After less than 90 days running, the welcome flow accounted for 41.8% of all flow revenue, and had an average revenue per recipient of $8.70 (3.76x the apparel industry average of $2.31/recipient!)

Step 2: Make it personal

Next, we set up a Browse Abandon flow. This flow is triggered when your current email subscribers view a product and don’t add it to cart. 

By splitting the flow by top-performing products viewed, we able to send hyper-relevant and personal emails to their subscribers. 

Including product-specific reviews and styling tips only added to the feeling of personalization that consumers really appreciate in an age of “spray and pray” marketing.

The click rates and conversion (or placed order) rates of the product-specific emails were nearly double those of the general catch-all emails, showing that personalization works!

Step 3: The right message at the right time

Of course, no flow strategy is complete with an Abandoned Cart flow. 

This flow targets anyone who added products to their cart and then abandoned checkout before completing the purchase. It is a high value flow, and often an initial email just reminding people of the items they forgot in their cart is enough to convert. 

But we took it a step further and split the next email of the flow based on the order value. For orders over a certain threshold, the client offered a complimentary personal styling session - hard to resist, and for many customers, a better incentive than a traditional discount. 

In addition, we also created an “Added to cart” flow that targets people in-between the browse abandon and abandoned cart stages. These people have added an item to their cart without going to the checkout page. 

In less than 90 days, these two flows combined added an extra $54,593 in revenue for our client. And they continue to create revenue of $10,000-$20,000 every month!

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