Warming a list for a successful soft launch


This new High Protein, Low Carb Ramen brand, immi, had been in development for years and its owners, the Kevins, were finally ready to do a soft-launch to their list.

BUT they knew that you only get one chance to launch, so it was critical that they did it the right way to maximize early sales.

Our Grow, Convert, Multiply framework helped the immi team prioritize pre-launch relationship building, launch-day announcements, and post-launch customer experience. We took care of the strategy, planning, and creatives, which meant the Kevins could focus on last-minute operations tweaks.




Launch Day Email Revenue

Launch Day Orders

Launch Day Email Click Rate

Pre-Launch: Grow

The Grow stage of our strategy is all about growing and warming the client's list.

By the time we joined the immi team pre-launch, they had already set themselves up for success by beginning to collect emails and warm their list with campaigns and surveys, months before their scheduled launch day.

We made sure they had a Welcome flow in place to catch new subscribers up on what they were doing and to let them know they would be getting more updates soon. The Kevins started by sending intermittent updates and behind-the-scenes content to build excitement in their audience.

Then, as launch day approached, we kept their list engaged by continuing to send surveys and ask for customer input, and even offering product samples to collect feedback.

The hype was clearly building, with open rates on pre-launch campaigns staying healthy.

Launch Day: Convert

The Convert stage is where we take the trust we've built with the client's audience, and use it to make them an offer they can't refuse.

By launch day, the time had come to reward their customers' patience and engagement with exclusive access to their soft launch. We sent subscribers who had engaged in the last 180 days a password to access the soft launch for a limited amount of time, before the launch went live to everyone.

That exclusive offer, after the excitement of the pre-launch build, paid off big time. The launch day campaigns made over $20,000 all on their own.

We also came prepared with an Abandoned Cart flow, a Browse Abandon flow, and a Post-Purchase flow to make sure we weren't losing customers pre-sale or mid-sale.

Post-Launch: Multiply

Finally, the Multiply stage is all about turning first-time buyers into loyal repeat customers.

After the booming success of the soft launch day, we made sure to keep their customers interested in their brand. We started by targeting the later stages of the customer journey with an Abandoned Cart Returning flow, a Re-engagement flow, a Reorder Reminder flow, and a Review flow.

It was also time to shift their newsletter away from pre-launch updates, and towards valuable and ongoing content. The Kevins had already developed a relationship with their audience through their emails, and so it only made sense to continue to feature them in the newsletter - and the customers love it.

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