Using subscriptions to increase customer lifetime value

Shine Armor, the world’s biggest home detailing company, sells a variety of products that allow people to customize and improve the look and longevity of their cars from home. They were not floored by their previous email provider’s results and came to us looking for a change. Since working together, we’ve grown email to account for 20-30% of their revenue per month--nearly 170-215k in revenue!

Find out how below.




Total Email Rev (So Far)

Repeat Customers

Emails Sent

Subscription Program:

Our main focus was greatly expanding their subscription program. One of Shine Armor’s best-selling products is the Fortify Armor spray, which protects a car’s paint from the elements, and their wax and wash sprays. Because each needed regular refills, we decided to use those customers to expand the subscription program. We added strategic emails to post purchase flows to encourage signing up, saying things like “you just bought x times, if you subscribed, you would have saved y”, and creating more distinct customer sets of repeat purchasers. It worked tremendously, and a large amount of their monthly sales come from this program.

Welcome Blitz:

One of the best things about the partnership was how Shine Armor was always willing to test new ideas. When we came to them with the idea for a new “Welcome Blitz” flow--which we thought would greatly increase the amount of new customers they received--instead of balking, they embraced it.It did astoundingly well, so much so that we eventually retired the original welcome flows because of the intense outperformance.

Platform Expansion:

As our partnership expanded, so did the digital tools we provided to boost sales. For example, we started creating FB Live Events where customers could have expert detailers/mechanics answer their questions. Eventually we added messenger blasts and flows, Instagram, and custom cart integrations to help make the buying process even smoother for their top customers. Each addition added more value, and became incredibly important as we helped them launch new products in their line-up.

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