Using social engagement to improve email performance

This client is a feminine care brand that sells nature-based vaginal health products. Their aim is to break down the stigmas surrounding vaginal health and create a global community of empowered women.The client has a super-engaged community (they've even coined their own nickname!), but they were gaining limited traction with their email performance. We decided that in order to increase traffic to and from their emails, we had to leverage their social engagement and develop targeted content that delivered results.




revenue from email

increase in average campaign open rate

increase in revenue per recipient

Step 1: Grow

It all started with taking a look at the private Facebook group they had created for their customers. After all, if you have a tightly-knit community, why not grow it?We created flows and campaign content that direct their email audience to join the group. There, customers were able to ask questions, share updates, and connect with one another.

Step 2: Convert

The next step was using the Facebook group to decide what we'd be sending out in our emails. One great idea to come out of this was sending a "Question of the Month" campaign using questions pulled directly from the group.And boy, do these campaigns ever engage their lists.In order to make these emails even more enticing, a 10% discount was added on the same campaigns but only sent to customers who were on the brink of making a purchase — what we call the "nearly-theres".

Step 3: Optimize

There was only one thing left to do to really connect with the community — monitoring the Facebook group and email performance to figure out what content they actually wanted to see. Turns out their customers LOVE hearing about sex, but are way less jazzed about emails explaining the science behind the products. Who would have guessed that people want more sex and less science in their love lives?We leaned into the cheeky, relatable brand voice and upped the amount of sex-related content we were sending, and it paid off big time. This community-focused approach generated a 36% increase in open rates on the targeted products!

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