Using giveaways to drive leads AND create revenue

Hit Run Steal is a sports brand focused on providing top-quality training aids to elite baseball and softball athletes. Since baseball and softball are primarily seasonal sports, the client needed a way to build the email list and engage a new audience throughout the entire year.Giveaways turned out to be the key.




New Subscribers


More Repeat Purchases

Giveaway strategy: Engage & nurture subscribers pre-giveawayThe client offers a giveaway of a valuable item from the store to drive new leads. Once entered into the giveaway, new subscribers receive a giveaway flow to learn about the brand.The giveaway flow mixes brand messaging with engaging content. This keeps people interested and nurtured throughout the month while they wait for the live giveaway announcement. The flow also uses attractive offers to encourage customers to make purchases leading up to the giveaway. The final purpose of the giveaway flow is to address any lingering hesitations the customer might have about purchasing, like shipping and refund policies.Each giveaway averages $36,385 in lifetime revenue.

Giveaway strategy: Keep it exciting post-giveawayWe build excitement using 2 pre-hype emails announcing the upcoming live winner announcement. Then, once the winner is announced, subscribers who have not yet made a purchase enter a post-giveaway flow. Here, they have a chance to buy the giveaway item at a discount.Customers in this flow have a 6% higher customer lifetime value than customers who did not enter a giveaway. They are also 2x more likely to place a subsequent order.

Account strategy: Keep it fresh with engaging contentOne drawback to giveaways is that they can sometimes produce lower-quality subscribers. It's important to send this post-giveaway audience fresh and interesting content to ensure they stay engaged.For this client, we send a weekly “Drill of the Week” campaign. This email features a baseball drill taught by a well-known professional baseball player to help athletes stay at the top of their game. This strategy has kept engagement high, with an average daily open rate above 25%, and an average unsubscribe rate below 0.23%.

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