Use the power of persona to increase revenue by 750%

Acne Expert Skincare is a niche skincare brand with amazing products that really work. Prior to working with us, they didn’t have an email strategy to scale and grow and it was difficult to measure the success of past campaigns and flows. With products as good as these, we knew people would want to continue their success as soon as they noticed the improvements in their skin.After meeting the owner and founder, we knew her sparkling personality would be the key to growing her business. Our strategy was three-fold:

  • Use the power of persona to connect on a personal level with customers
  • Scale at a steady pace so her supply chain stayed intact
  • Nurture the relationship with customers so they keep buying as the store reaches new heights




/Month in Revenue Within 3 Months Just From Flows

Higher Avg. Revenue Per Recipient Compared to Industry Avg.

Average Daily Open Rate

Flow strategy: Use the power of personaThe power of Acne Expert Skincare’s brand is in the owner and face of the company. We developed a welcome flow that spoke from the heart about the real issues people face when it comes to acne skin problems.Using information gained from 2 separate surveys to customers and potential customers, the emails speak to each possible objection a person could have before committing to a purchase.The first email of the welcome flow has an average open rate of 76%, an average click rate of 47%, and an average placed order rate of 4.5%. The average order value is $163. Every email in the 9-part flow has an average open rate of at least 30%.

Account strategy: Steady scalingSince the business is still growing, they needed to manage their budget in relation to their growth. We started with the highest leverage flows to maximize revenue, and followed up with more nurture-based flows at a later date.By pacing our roll-out with the scaling efforts, we were able to help the company protect their budget and grow the business steadily. Over 3 months, email revenue increased by 750%, from $936 to $22,764.

Flow strategy: Nurture the relationshipWe know that customers like to feel valued and important, and this is something many brands can often forget. We designed every flow to talk to the customer where they are in their journey. That means giving them the information they need to make an informed decision. Each email addresses a specific need and talks to the customer like a real person - because they are!While the average revenue per recipient in the beauty industry is $0.06, Acne Expert Skincare has an average revenue per recipient of $3.52 (and growing!).

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