Use email to adapt from retail to ecommerce

Baby Doppler is a multi-million dollar brand that specializes in at-home care for both expecting moms and their newborns. Previous to working with us, they had already established a retail presence all across the US through stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond. Although they were generating a significant amount of revenue through these brick and mortar locations, they were heavily interested in expanding their brand into e-commerce.They came to us with zero leads and no previous email strategy/data to go off of. With a pre-existing brand name but no real online presence, there was a ton of untapped potential here.We did 3 things:

  1. Collected leads and built a strong welcome flow to convert right away.
  2. Created a high-engagement email strategy based on content rather than sales.
  3. Nurtured brand trust by highlighting reviews and press features.




Open rate from the Welcome Flow

Per Recipient (industry benchmark is $0.11/recipient)

Total Generated Email Revenue in April

Collect and Convert Baby Doppler was as new to sending emails as they were to e-commerce. So when they first came to us, it was no surprise that they had yet to send out a single email. We got started right away by integrating a 10% lead opt-in. Our pop-up gained a conversion rate of 6.9% and contributed to dramatic list growth. From there, we funneled our subscribers straight into a welcome flow. The emails here were designed to build both excitement and urgency for subscribers to place their very first order. We converted 30% of subscribers into customers with just the initial first email alone.

Campaign Strategy: 3:1 Content Over Sales Since Baby Doppler had no prior data for sending emails, it was a great opportunity to start testing out EVERYTHING. So we did. And we quickly learned that their audience was significantly more interested in being educated in relevant topics rather than hearing about their actual products. We began to focus on creating campaigns that weren’t as transactional. Our emails educated subscribers on newborn care, incorporated social content from their blogs and shared tips and tricks for both new and experienced moms. We noticed that by doing so, we were helping potential customers naturally and independently arrive at their products. Because of the high-engagement and positive responses received, we changed our campaign schedule to a 3:1 content/sales ratio. After fully implementing this new strategy, our average campaign revenue quickly jumped from $114.73 to $1098.27.

Flow Strategy: Trust is Everything Being new to the e-commerce world, Baby Doppler had to (re)establish themselves as a reputable brand. We were capturing tons of leads but to actually convert them into customers required more than just a discount. Typically, people don’t want to spend money on brands they don’t trust. Especially not nervous, new moms. We understood this going in and strategically placed a strong emphasis on building brand trust in every pre-purchase flow we created. Our welcome series, cart abandonment and browse abandonment all focused on showcasing the brand and it’s reliability. This meant highlighting 5-star reviews, sharing videos of the products in action and boasting their many press features. By doing so, we were able to help customers feel safe and secure in purchasing with Baby Doppler. The result? Our welcome series alone (which only target first time buyers) gained a dollar per recipient rate of $7.13/recipient.

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