Taking Flow Revenue From 2% to 22% In Just 2 Months

When COVID hit, our client, a high-end clothing designer and manufacturer, began focusing more attention on their online business by building out a virtual showroom, developing a strong affiliate program for their retail partners, and revamping their DTC marketing.

When we were introduced, they only had one DTC flow in operation, which meant they relied heavily on sending campaigns for email revenue. We decided to focus on developing flows to take pressure off of the campaigns, and to make their revenue more predictable.

We focused on setting up:

  1. A Welcome flow
  2. A Browse Abandon flow
  3. Abandoned Cart & Abandoned Checkout flows




ROI from flows

Revenue from flows

Click rate on product-specific emails

Since we knew we were already sending traffic to the store, we began by setting up a Welcome Flow to get those visitors on our list, and it now accounts for 38% of the total revenue coming from flows.

Next, we set up a Browse Abandon flow. The focus here was to split the recipients by the top-performing products they had viewed. That allowed us to send hyper-relevant emails, including reviews and styling tips. We also added a general option for anyone who had not viewed a top-performing product.

And the splits worked. The click rates and order rates of the product-specific emails are nearly double those of the general emails.

We then added an Abandoned Checkout flow, which targets anyone who has started checking out but not completed their purchase. It performed well, but it was only being delivered to a small amount of traffic so we quickly realized we were still missing a lot of abandoners.

We added an Abandoned Cart flow, which contains very similar emails as the Abandoned Checkout flow, but it instead targets people who don’t make it all the way to checkout. It made a huge difference, reaching over 1000 people monthly, compared to the abandoned checkout flow’s 75.

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