Get your revenue up to 25% (or more!)

The Perfect Sculpt sells activewear and shapewear that lets women achieve their best bodies. Before joining us, email was only adding up to a small percentage of their revenue--7%--and despite significant time invested, they weren’t seeing the results they needed. After 6 months with us, not only have their subscribers and sales grown, but email now accounts for 24% of their monthly revenue--more than $100k. Here’s how we did it:




Email Portion of Revenue

Average Monthly Revenue

Increase In Email Rev

Template Redesigns:  

When we first took over the account Perfect Sculpt’s email templates were text heavy and fairly unattractive. We made significant changes to the style and format of each to make them shorter, more scannable, and vibrant to their audiences.

New Customer Segments and Flows:

Not only did we re-do several of their flows from scratch, we added additional ones that triggered depending on whether or not a customer had paid for “shapewear” or “activewear”. This allowed us to better segment their customers and keep returning with upsells they’d actually be interested in. We also added a "Welcome Blitz" one of our special in-house flows that helps supercharge first-time customers. Ask us more about it on a phone call :)

Expanding the Brand Voice:

We wanted The Perfect Sculpt to relate to its audience. Rather than just selling all the time, we added additional emails that talked about the struggle to get in shape, body image, and more that helped create more loyalty to the brand. This then allowed us to push sales even harder when the time came.

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