BFCM 2020: From zero to $80k in 8 days

Numi is a women’s apparel brand specializing in creating sustainable, sweat-proof undershirts for the working woman. They came to us in early November 2020 without any Black Friday strategy in place. With the biggest marketing holiday of the year less than 4 weeks away, we outlined and implemented a comprehensive rollout that beat their 2019 campaign revenue performance by 107.3%. Here’s how.




Increase in Campaign Revenue Year Over Year

Average Open Rate Maintained

Additional Revenue from Automations

Keep It Simple + Keep It ExcitingWhen it comes to your Black Friday offer, simplicity is key. Remember that your subscribers’ inboxes are being inundated with Black Friday campaigns from (at least) dozens of other brands. Keeping your offer simple makes it easy to capture and digest in an ocean of other deals.For Numi, we ran a 25% off promotion across 8 days. Now I know what you’re thinking - 8 days is a long time to run one offer. The trick here is to switch up your content. While our deal remained the same, our email content was sprinkled with product launches, style guides and value prop highlights.Not only does this keep things exciting while showcasing the value customers are getting with their purchase, it also keeps your content engaging. We maintained an average open rate of 18.22% and an average click rate of 2.08% throughout the sale.

The Cyber Monday UpgradeAfter a strong Black Friday push, Cyber Monday is your last chance to convert any straggling subscribers that didn’t quite bite the bullet yet.For Numi, we upgraded our deal from 25% to 40% off. We excluded anyone who already made a purchase during the Black Friday promotion in order to prevent any customer complaints about missing out on the better deal. Our one-day Cyber Monday sale brought in 9k of revenue alone.

Don’t Forget To Optimize Your Automations While campaigns are most definitely going to be your strongest revenue driver during Black Friday, it’s important not to neglect your flows.For Numi, we set up both a cart and browse abandonment flow specific to Black Friday. These flows had adjusted time delays for the holiday as well as Black Friday-specific content. Together, they generated 5k in revenue with an additional 6k coming from our other automations.Already thinking about Black Friday 2021? Let’s talk.

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