How Random

October 19, 2022

If I told you to write an email campaign brief right now, how long would it take you to put one together?

Consider the audience, the purpose, the structure, the format, and how to inject it with creativity, personality, and punch.

What are you selling?

How will you sell it? 

Who will you sell it to?


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Well, quit yer humming and hawing because you sound like an air conditioner right now. 


Any time you’re short on time, stuck on concept, or feeling like a lazybones, you can use our nifty Email Randomificationizer to save the day. It’s what a superhero would look like if superheroes were dedicated to saving time and effort in planning and executing emails instead of, y’know, important stuff.

It’ll give you all you need to write an email, plus a couple constraints to pump you full of creative juices. 

We worked really, really, really hard on this. How hard? Three reallys worth. 

So check it out and have fun, because half the battle’s already won.

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