Loyalty in the age of COVID-19

July 27, 2020

Your strong brand doesn’t need to suffer because of COVID-19.Yes, shipping delays, stock shortages, and more are impacting you.But customer and spending patterns tell you how they feel and how you can address them.According to research by McKinsey, spending intent is down among customers in two-thirds of the reopening countries they surveyed.Because customers are more afraid to spend, trust is essential between them and your brand.Take our client, Shine Armor, a car detailing company. These are the steps we took to keep their customers loyal. (Take note: these are pretty great steps in any relationship)


via GIPHYThe easiest ways to make sure your customers never come back are still the same:

  • Lie
  • Make promises you can’t keep
  • Use poor customer service

COVID-19 didn’t change that. Nothing will.Now, with safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, customers (naturally) want to know you're handling their products safely.We sent an email detailing Shine Armor’s warehouse conditions.This simple update provided a 145% revenue uplift based on the average email revenue from the previous quarter.


via GIPHYWhen anyone is stressed, it can be hard to focus on others.Remind your customers you’re in the same pandemic boat as them (and that there’s no one you’d rather be with).Something brought you and your customers together.And if you were producing high-quality content before, why stop now?With Shine Armor, we send a Car of the Month every, well… month.When we sent the March 2020 edition out, we saw a 605% revenue increase from past months!


via GIPHYTake a leadership role. Help your customers see what role your brand, your benefits, your products, and services play at a time like this.Fresh ideas keep customers engaged, especially when they relate to current events.Shine Armor sent out an email calling to support local businesses. It is now their highest performing email to date.Their customers responded and we saw a jaw-dropping increase of 619% in revenue from this one email.It proves that customers are open to connecting their brands, provided you communicate with them in an authentic way.Building authentic relationships and keeping customers engaged is what we do at &BAM. If you want your customers to love your emails (and show it with their $$$) , reach out to book a discovery call today.

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