Make 30% Of Your Revenue From Email With These 4 Things

May 19, 2021

We’ve cracked the code.

These days, there are so many ways to reach your customers.

“How many are there?”

So many that if we listed them all out, you’d be here ‘til next week.

One of the oldest and most effective of those, though, remains email. You can expect a healthy email marketing strategy to bring around 30% of your total revenue.

“Great! So what should my strategy look like?”

Well, I am glad you asked.

Successful emails will, of course, vary from brand to brand. (Not the answer you wanted, I know).

But there’s no need to start building from the ground up. We’ve taken note of the patterns that appear in successful email strategies, and we’ve built a foundation for you.

How we got here:

There are a looooot of things that can impact how well your emails perform. It can be a real puzzle figuring out how and where to make changes.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been working away on the email revenue puzzle for years now. We’ve narrowed down the key criteria that help our clients’ emails succeed, and we’ve put together that list of must-haves to share with you.

If you’re nearing 30% but having trouble crossing that finish line, then this list is probably for you.

And if 30% seems way out of reach?

This list is definitely for you.

The secret recipe:

According to our calculations, there are 4 key ingredients criteria that’ll get you to the 30% mark:

  1. An Average Order Value of over $100
  2. A unique product that you can’t buy from big box stores
  3. You solve a problem for a specific market
  4. You cross-sell, up-sell, or have consumable products available

Let me paint you a full picture with some examples.

Example 1

screenshot of dashboard 1 showing revenue from email

First up: this client offers quality home detailing products for car owners. As you can see, they land at about 25% of their revenue coming from email. (Here's more info about how we helped get them to that point!)

Let’s see how they meet our criteria.

They solve a problem for a specific market

They sell affordable, at-home products for car owners who want to take care of their cars but don’t want to pay the sky-high prices for professional detailing services.

They cross-sell, up-sell, AND have replenishable products

When it comes to their car detailing products, this client is able to suggest product combinations, offer product bundles, and replenish your stock when you run out.

They offer unique products and branding that can’t be found elsewhere.

This client has developed highly specialized products that, especially when combined with their branding, are not readily available for purchase elsewhere.

The only criteria they’re missing is an AOV of over $100

Example 2

screenshot of dashboard 3 showing revenue from email

Next: this client sells paint-by-number art kits. They are also approaching the 30% mark, but come in just under at 27%.

They solve a problem for a specific market.

Paint-by-number kits give people everything they need to make a masterpiece at home without any art experience. This has been especially useful for people looking for ways to pass time and de-stress during the pandemic.

They have a replenishable product.

The great thing about paintings is that, eventually, you finish them. And then you have to buy the supplies to make more!

They offer unique products.

While there are lots of paint-by-number kits on the market, they offer unique designs.

The only thing they’re missing is also an AOV of over $100

Example 3

screenshot of dashboard 2 showing revenue from email

This client sells high-quality human hair extensions, clip-ins, and wigs for Black women, by Black women. As you can see, they land well over the 30% mark, bringing in 37% of revenue from email. (Here's another example of a project we took on with them!)

Here’s the breakdown of how they meet our 4 criteria.

They solve a problem for a specific market.

This client offers high-quality textured hair extensions that blend perfectly with all hair types. Their products are specifically designed for Black women who want access to natural-looking and non-damaging hair product options.

They have replenishable products.

With a variety of styles available, customers are able to keep coming back for new hair product options.

They offer unique products.

This client developed their product due to a lack of other available options, making their product unique and highly sought after.

They have an Average Order Value of $202.70.

Here’s where this example differs from the previous two. This client has an average order value of over $200, which is an important contributor to their email marketing success.

So... Now What?

Now try it out for yourself! You're already testing new email strategy ideas (...right?)

So why not throw a cross-sell email into one of your flows and see what happens? Or add content specifically targeting one of your buyer personas?

And if you're not sure where to start, book a call with us to see how we can help you work these criteria into your email strategy.

Ready to take off?