Getting DIY Artists to Buy Again and Again

The Client

Calm By Numbers* wasn’t sure if email marketing was worth it, but they were pivoting to focus on a specific product–DIY Painting Kits–and wanted to see how we could help them. Since we started working together, email has grown to 37% of their monthly revenue, and we’ve dramatically increased their repeat customers. Here’s how we did it: 


*Not the actual company name or logo. They requested to stay anonymous.


Email Revenue


Returning Customers


Emails Sent

Fresh Redesigns: One of the first things we did for this account was dramatically overhaul the look of every email. Now that the business was moving exclusively to painting, the emails needed to better match the product in look and feel.

Focus on Returning Customers: Given that their customers were artists and would likely be looking for new images to paint on a regular basis, we spent a majority of our time crafting flows designed to increase repeat purchases, along with new segments based on the type of painting a customer bought. This greatly increased their revenue, and in the first three months the amount of repeat purchases they had went from 18% to 41%.

Focus on People, Not Product: A lot of Calm By Number’s copy was focused on the kits and how great they were. We changed that, instead, focusing almost entirely on how a customer would feel after the purchase (what a relaxing activity it was, they could get in touch with their inner creativity/child, etc) which had a significant effect on the number of purchases per email.

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