29 Email Ideas For Your Brand

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All of your deliverability questions

Where, oh where, could your emails be? There’s no getting around it: email deliverability is a tricky topic to understand and apply.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a handy dandy expert nearby that you could just grab and…

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brand developing brand voice and speaking into megaphone

Building a Brand Voice Your
Customers Actually Like
(4 Steps)

Putting words in your brand’s mouth How do you appreciate being spoken to? Are there little irks and pet peeves you have that drive you absolutely nuts? Like, I fuckin hate it when people say “I could care less.” The…

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person looking at list of criteria to make 30% of their revenue from email

Make 30% Of Your Revenue From Email
With These 4 Things

We’ve cracked the code. These days, there are so many ways to reach your customers.   “How many are there?”   So many that if we listed them all out, you’d be here ‘til next week.   One of the…

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a woman sitting at a desk writing email copy on a computer

The 5 Email Copy Mistakes Everyone Makes

Email copywriters beware. We’ve audited 59 prospective client accounts in the last year, and we just keep seeing the same mistakes. Like, over and over again. Maybe you’ve made some of these mistakes yourself. You’ve almost definitely seen them in…

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A person stands looking at their marketing calendar

How to build a flourishing Q2 marketing calendar in 4 simple steps

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden marketing calendar grow? One of my favourite fantasies is living on a little farm, where I can devote all of my days to planting my little seeds and growing my little vegetables. …

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two cartoon people sit back-to-back looking at their phones, reading SMS marketing messages.

5 Reasons SMS Marketing Could Be Right For You

There’s no denying that SMS is hot right now. Take a look at yourself for example. There’s a 90% chance you’re reading this on your phone, and if you’re not there’s still a 90% chance you can see your phone…

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How a Competitor Analysis Can Be The Key To Your Success

Is it time for you to perform a competitor analysis? Competition — we’ve all got a lot of it. [via Giphy] Most of the time, we look at our rivals with the ultimate disdain and try to keep them off…

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How To Make A Q1 Marketing Calendar Your Customers Will Love

Need Some Q1 Marketing Calendar Inspiration? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. It’s cold, you’re hibernating, and probably broke from a little too much holiday cheer. You spent your Christmas money in the sales, and now you’re hunkering down to…

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Loyalty in the age of COVID-19

Your strong brand doesn’t need to suffer because of COVID-19. Yes, shipping delays, stock shortages, and more are impacting you. But customer and spending patterns tell you how they feel and how you can address them. According to research by…

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29 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas You Can Use Today

29 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your Ecommerce Brand (Send a campaign today)

Once you realize that you should send more email, the next question is “what do I send”? In our experience, the best email marketing campaign ideas come from the customers and the company. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel…

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HTML vs Plain text emails for Ecommerce (With Statistics)

If you’re reading this, you fall into a group of everyone who has ever sent a marketing email. The number 1 question we get on a weekly basis is…should my emails be HTML or Plain Text? We spent a week…

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It’s Here! Your Black Friday Email Strategy For Q4 Success

There’s no question about it, it’s the biggest sale of the year. Your business could struggle for the upcoming fiscal year by failing to prepare for it. Making sure your Black Friday email marketing strategy is airtight should be at…

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Who else wants $1,504.57 in a week from the traffic you already have?

One of our clients sells novelty hobby items that help people relax. They signed on with us early in 2019 with 0 email revenue. By June, our campaigns and flows were doing 40% of their total revenue. At that point,…

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The Lead Generation Strategy That Also Makes Thousands In Revenue

You’ve set up the perfect lead generation funnel. You’ve got your advertisements, your landing page, and a killer incentive to get new subscribers. They join your email list. Everything is looking up. You start sending out promotions and offers. And…

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How We Earned $1.13 Per Email With A Survey Automation

Content assets are critical in today’s ecommerce landscape. You need to know what’s making your business successful–or holding it back. You also need to have assets you can use in your email automations and campaigns that can help you build…

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How To Make Your Next Product Launch Your Best Ever

At a recent mastermind, Ezra Firestone mentioned that the best way to increase your revenue is by adding new product lines. Launching a new product is exciting, but it’s important to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

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The Email Strategy That Made $47K+ By Giving Away Free Stuff

The free + shipping campaign is dead. At least, that’s what people keep telling me. Apparently, the rise of Facebook ads have destroyed the utility of free + shipping campaigns.

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How We Maximize Revenue Through Giveaways And Email Automation

Giveaways are a great thing to have in your email marketing toolbox. Email marketers use them to get people excited and interested in a product. We like to use our giveaways as a way of generating sales.

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